3 Effective Methods of Mosquito Control

As you can guess from our name, we at Carolina Turf and Mosquito specialize in controlling the number of mosquitos present on your property. We understand just how annoying these insect pests are, as well as the hazards they pose to public health. Because of this, our team wants to help you more effectively control mosquitos, and in this article, we’ll go over three methods for doing just that.

  1. Reduce Standing Water. Many species of mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so getting rid of standing water around your property is an effective way to limit their numbers. Dumping open containers and repairing leaks will eliminate mosquito larvae before they can hatch. However, this is not always an ideal solution for mosquito control, as you may have ponds or water features you can’t get rid of.
  2. Use Predators. Another method of mosquito control is to introduce predators that eat mosquitoes or their larvae without affecting other wildlife. For example, if you have a water feature you don’t want to take out, you can introduce ornamental koi fish to eat any mosquito larvae that hatch there. Other biological dangers to mosquitos include various fungi and bacteria, some of which are available as pellets in gardening stores. Our team at Carolina Turf and Mosquito will use the most effective combination of mosquito control methods to ensure that you deal with as few of these pests as possible.
  3. Place Ovitraps. A third method for mosquito control is using ovitraps, which are designed to lure in female mosquitos and eliminate them and any eggs they carry. Ovitraps are dark, water-filled containers that can use a number of methods to bait and destroy mosquitos.