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Some people choose not to have a swimming pool because it is challenging to keep the water balanced – too much or too little of any one chemical and problems ensue. The same challenge is involved when dealing with a lawn, but unless you are ready to embrace rock garden landscaping, lawn problems are a necessary evil to overcome. Here are a few answers to common lawn problems that can help.

Lawn Problems

A common cause for lawn problems is unhealthy roots. If the grass cannot pull up the nutrients it needs, it can’t become lush and healthy. There are several things you can do to encourage healthy roots. Proper watering is vital because too little water means dry, brittle grass, but overwatering keeps the roots from getting deeper in search of water.

Lawn aeration could also be needed because when there is too much thatch present, your grass cannot get the water it needs. Proper lawn fertilization is also important to give your lawn proper nutrition. Weeds are another common lawn problem, but can be controlled with a proper weed management plan. Keeping your lawn as healthy as possible can also inhibit weeds from taking root.

While many lawn problems result in an unsightly lawn, there is one that makes it less enjoyable for you and your family – insects. If your lawn is overrun with fire ants, mosquitos, fleas or ticks, it isn’t a very hospitable place for your family. Stay on top of the management of each of these invaders so they do not quickly overrun your lawn.

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