Causes of Common Turf Problems Like Dead Spots

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If you look at your yard and all you see is turf problems like dead spots, don’t despair. There are common causes of these types of turf problems, and many of them are easy to address, allowing you to improve the condition of your lawn and to enjoy the lush, green lawn you have always wanted.

Causes of Common Turf Problems Like Dead Spots

Here are some of the most common causes of turf problems like dead spots:

  • Underground pests: Grubs eat the roots of grass, and this can lead to dead spots. Moles are another underground pest that can cause damage to your lawn. They are often attracted to grubs underground, so if you can get rid of the grubs, the moles will go elsewhere.
  • Fungi: Common fungal issues include snow mold (creates a fine white webbing) and brown patch disease, which is most common in hot and humid areas.
  • Incorrect sprinkler coverage: Sprinkler systems are great if they cover your entire lawn. Look for areas that are getting insufficient or no coverage from your sprinklers.
  • Animal urine: Pet urine contains a high concentration of urea, which can cause dead spots in your lawn. Wild animals can also cause this problem if they are frequent visitors to your lawn.
  • Substance-caused burns: In northern climates where a lot of salt is spread on roads in the winter, this salt can get on your lawn and kill it. Also, if too much fertilizer is used on a lawn or if it is spilled, you may notice damage to your lawn’s health.

If you have turf problems and aren’t sure what is causing them, reach out to your lawn and turf professional, who should be able to inspect your lawn, diagnose the turf problems and help you find a long-term solution.