Common Lawn Problems: Fungus Prevention and Treatment

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Every climate has its own common lawn problems, with fungus being a concern in most areas at one time of the year or another. It is especially a problem when it is hot and humid, but the good news is that there are ways to prevent fungus and if you do notice your lawn losing its lushness, treatment can keep it from becoming a big problem. Here are some tips for preventing fungus and how to combat it:

Lawn Problems

  • Aeration – When your lawn has great air flow that reduces excessive moisture from resting in the topsoil, there is less chance for a fungal infection to begin. If your lawn has become compact, you should call a lawn aeration professional to improve the air circulation.
  • Watering – Be careful not to water your lawn improperly. If you water more than the grass needs, it will be a prime spot for lawn problems such as fungus. It will also discourage your grass from setting deep roots. The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning so it has time to absorb before the sun burns it away.
  • Fertilizing – It might surprise you that there are lawn problems that can result from too much fertilizing, but that is exactly the case with fungus. Using the wrong fertilizer or pesticide can also promote fungal growth. When in doubt, have a professional handle fertilizing as they’ll use the right type at the right time of the year to benefit the lawn without providing the optimum breeding ground for fungus.
  • Proper Mowing – It can be tempting to mow your lawn short to space out how often you need to drag out the mower. However, if it is cut too short, it is more susceptible to fungus and other lawn problems. Be sure the blades are sharp as torn, shredded grass is more vulnerable as well.
  • Fungicides – If you do notice fungus, don’t grab the first fungicide you find. It must be used correctly to be effective. A professional can also use fungicide as a preventative measure so you can avoid lawn problems.

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