Common Turf Problems and Their Solutions

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Having a thick, green and soft lawn that you can spend time on not only feels nice under your feet, but looks good, too! While many people do a fine job keeping their turf weed-free, many others have issues that they aren’t sure what the cause is, let alone how to fix the turf problem! At Carolina Turf and Mosquito, we wanted to go over a few common turf problems that plague the home or business owner and also give you some solutions to the problems.

how to fix the turf problem

Problem: Brown or dead spots

Solution: Pet training and hose-soaking! Often when your pets stop to go potty on your lawn, the excessive amounts of ammonia in their urine can burn the grass. Instead, try training your pets to go in one area or on rocks to save the lawn. Then give those spots a good soak and they should come back fine.

Problem: Lawn Stripes

Solution: Professional lawn care. If you notice that your lawn is becoming striped, it’s not usually the cause of a very particular and exacting fungus, but rather the uneven spreading of fertilizer. Professional lawn care can fix this problem with more even distribution of helpful fertilizers.

Problem: Dry, brown patches

Solution: Aeration or sprinkler repair. When your lawn seems to be doing great in all but a few areas, often there is another issue at hand that is preventing those spots from taking in the water or nutrients like the other parts of your lawn. Aeriation of your lawn can break up tough, compacted soil and fixing any sprinklers that might be neglecting a portion of your lawn can ensure water is delivered again.