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Have you avoided bothering with lawn aeration because you were unsure about whether it was needed, how to do it, or even when to do it? Most people find the subject of lawn aeration to be a bit confusing. There are some things you should know about it, though, so you’ll feel more confident with doing this important lawn care task.

Lawn Aeration

  • Why do lawn aeration? In order for your grass to be healthy, it needs a proper root system. If air, nutrients, and water are having trouble getting to the roots because of heavy undergrowth or compaction, there is no way your lawn can reach ultimate health. Lawn aeration opens things up, so your grass gets what it needs.
  • How often to do lawn aeration- Every lawn is a bit different in determining when aeration is needed. The type of soil you have, how much activity happens on your lawn, and the type of turf you have all factor in. For example, a sandy soil may only need lawn aeration once a year or every other year, whereas clay soil needs more frequent aeration because it compacts easily.
  • When to do lawn aeration- Again, there are a number of factors to consider, but the most common times are in the spring to give an extra boost for faster greening and in the fall to provide a better environment to do overseeding. The type of turf makes a difference in which of these to choose too. Warm-season turf types are best to receive lawn aeration in late spring or early summer, whereas cool-season turf types are best to aerate in the fall. There are also times when you should not do lawn aeration. You should wait at least a year with newly planted lawns to give the grass time to establish itself. You should also do lawn aeration when the soil is moist but not saturated. Do not do when experiencing a drought or high temperatures, as this will bring additional heat to the soil.

Demystifying Lawn Aeration

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