Does Winter Kill Mosquitos?

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One of the best things about winter is not having to deal with mosquitos. However, it is a common misconception that winter can kill mosquitos. Winter only kills the adults, but the eggs they deposited before that stay in a suspended state during the winter months. If you want to control the number of mosquitos you’ll have to deal with in the spring, here is what you should do:

Kill Mosquitos

1.  Eliminate Water Sources – The eggs are deposited in water sources, so anything on your property that is holding water is likely the winter home of your future woes. Even shallow water in birdbaths, flowerpots, and the like are probably being utilized. You should remove these and check for other issues, such as clogged rain gutters and leaking faucets.

2.  Mosquito Barrier Control – The use of insect repellents is an effective way to break the life cycle of mosquitos and keep them away from your property so that they never get the chance to deposit eggs that will become an issue in future months. Kill mosquitos before they lay eggs and you won’t have to worry about where they might be able to lay them.

With a bit of attentiveness, you can effectively reduce the number of mosquitos on your property throughout the year. Don’t let winter pull you into a false sense of security as these disease-carrying pests are quite good at keeping their species alive and well.

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