Kid-Friendly Mosquito Control Options for Parents

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Spending time outside is a quintessential part of any summer! For kids, playing outside in the sunshine and warmth allows for exploration, learning about nature, and even helps with activity and muscle coordination. When you want to spend time outside with your kids, you want the only company out there to be the wanted ones- not the pesky mosquitos! When you have children, you want them to play outside in safety without the worry of mosquitos and their potential diseases. Every parent wants to keep their children safe, and there are kid-friendly mosquito control options out there to put your mind at ease.

kid-friendly mosquito control options

One of the best things that you, as a parent, can do in terms of mosquito control is to rid your property of standing water of any kind. This is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos, so ensuring that they don’t have a place at your property will make you less of a target for those pesky pests. Standing water can be anything from areas of your yard that puddle after a hard rainstorm to a kiddie pool that has been left out too long. Take some time to explore your yard and make sure that areas are damp, not flooded.

The next thing you can do to ensure some kid-friendly mosquito control options for your children out there is to find EPA approved sprays that can be sprayed by professionals like Carolina Turf and Mosquito. These sprays will be able to kill mosquitos and halt their spread right in their tracks, while maintaining safety for your children.