Lawn Fertilization Dos and Don’ts

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When it comes to lawn fertilization, there are two main things to consider. You want your efforts to be effective and you don’t want to harm the environment in the process. With the following dos and don’ts, you should be able to meet both objectives and have the lush lawn that you desire.

Lawn Fertilization

  • DO take the time to learn about the right way to do lawn fertilization. There are many aspects involved, including choosing the right products and using them properly. Be sure to abide by local regulations regarding lawn fertilization use.
  • DON’T use fertilizers that are high in phosphates or are quick-release. During a rain, these are washed away and they contaminate groundwater. Slow-release fertilizers feed your lawn longer and do not pollute as much.
  • DON’T do lawn fertilization when your grass is dormant. Not only are you wasting money, but you are also polluting the groundwater. You should also never use fertilizer for melting snow or ice.
  • DO turn to a professional if you don’t have the time to learn about the safe way to do lawn fertilization. You won’t get a healthy lawn if you try to muddle through, and you could waste money on ineffective and dangerous products.

Here at Carolina Turf and Mosquito, we offer affordable lawn fertilization services that will give you stellar results without the dangers of improper fertilizer use. We use high-quality products that are safe for the environment and will allow your family to enjoy your lawn without fear.