What You Should Know About Soil Sampling for Your Lawn

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If you have ever managed a vegetable or flower garden, you know that the makeup of the soil, such as the pH, must be monitored to ensure successful results. What you may not know is that soil sampling is every bit as important when it comes to having a healthy lawn. Far too often, homeowners toss on one fertilizer or another out of complete guesswork or because they think it is time to do so. Too much fertilizer or the wrong kind can be a real problem – not only to your lawn, but to the environment, as well.

What You Should Know About Soil Sampling for Your Lawn

The main purpose of soil sampling is to determine the current health of the soil and pinpoint any nutrient deficiencies, so the appropriate adjustments can be made. This process enables you to create a healthy soil environment for your grass and landscaping and keeps you from spending money on soil amendments that are not needed.

Soil sampling is recommended as an annual part of your lawn care process, but it can be done anytime your lawn is showing signs of a problem so a plan of action can be determined to bring it back to health. A common time to do soil sampling is in the fall, but it should not be done if the soil is wet or you have recently applied fertilizer.

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