With the Threat of Zika and Warmer Weather in North Carolina, Mosquito Control is a Must

With summer fast approaching, mosquitos in North Carolina will soon be swarming backyards and making an unwelcome appearance nearly everywhere. Not only are mosquitos annoying, but without proper mosquito control, they carry the risk of bringing the Zika virus, which is a national concern because of how it can affect babies. In other countries, pregnant women who are bitten by a Zika-carrying mosquito have had babies with abnormally small heads.

Since February in North Carolina was abnormally warm this year, mosquitos may show up earlier than usual and may be a bigger problem than normal this summer. However, many different factors determine whether or not mosquitos will be able to thrive. For example, moisture and food resources often affect how well mosquitos do during the summer season.

To keep these pests from becoming an issue this summer, mosquito control should be a priority. Make sure there isn’t any standing water throughout your yard, like in flower pots and gutters, and do it now. Having standing water in your yard, in addition to the warm weather North Carolina is having right now, creates the perfect environment for mosquito populations to take hold.

On top of eliminating any standing water in your yard, let us provide you with mosquito control services. Our comprehensive approach to eliminating mosquitos is designed to keep these pests from entering your yard and bringing harmful diseases with them. For more information, give us a call today!