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We are equipped to assist you no matter what your lawn problems might be in Charlotte.

Lawn Problems in Charlotte, North CarolinaFiguring out what to do about bare spots in your lawn, pests and weeds that take over, and keeping your grass looking its best can be a real challenge for many homeowners. While it can be a major chore to troubleshoot lawn problems year after year, sometimes having a professional with an expert eye and the tools to provide solutions can be your best bet. At Carolina Turf and Mosquito, we are equipped to assist you, no matter what your lawn problems might be in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we provide a range of services to meet your needs.

  • Turf fertilization
  • Weed management
  • Turf aeration
  • Turf over-seeding
  • Fungicide
  • Soil samples
  • Mosquito management
  • Fire ant management
  • Flea and tick management

It’s Not too Late to Have a Perfect Lawn

From getting rid of pesky weeds to taking back your lawn from mosquitoes and fire ants, we have the solutions you need when your lawn problems seem to be ongoing. We even have green alternatives for select services, so you can feel confident that your lawn is healthy all year long. Our mission is to provide our customers with sound advice and the best possible solutions, and that means you will love the results when you choose us for all your lawn care needs.

Common Lawn Problems & Their Solutions

While most of us want the lush, green lawn we see on commercial properties or sporting fields, many of us don’t have the time, skills or energy to devote that kind of attention to our lawns! Here at Carolina Turf and Mosquito, we want to help you get the green, thick lawn you have been looking for without the worry of common lawn problems which make your ideal lawn difficult to achieve. If you’re looking to improve the look of your lawn, here are a few common lawn problems to watch out for as well as some solutions.

Lawn Problem: Dead spots

Solution: Dead spots can be caused by a myriad of different problems, but be sure to rule out the simplest solutions first. Is the lawn getting enough water in that area? Too much sun? Do you have pets that have dug or soiled the lawn in those spots? Trying out some spot watering is a good place to start. If those options don’t work, it might be a pest problem in which case you should call in professionals.

Lawn Problem: Weeds

Solution: A healthy lawn might have a few weeds crop up here and there, but when your lawn is full of weeds, it might feel like you are waging a battle for the space! Weeds come in all sorts of varieties, and we here at Carolina Turf and Mosquito are able to help you with regular applications of fertilizer that will make your lawn healthier.

Lawn Problem: Lack of growth

Solution: When you are fertilizing, giving your lawn the best care and watering the proper amount, it can be frustrating to see a lack of growth! We are happy to take a look at your soil through soil sampling to find the ideal solution and nutrients.

If you’d like to learn more about common lawn problems and what we can do to fix them, please contact us today.

Contact us at Carolina Turf and Mosquito for more information about our lawn care services and how we can help you tackle lawn problems at your home in Charlotte. With over 20 years of experience and a specialization in turf management, you won’t be disappointed when you call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

At Carolina Turf and Mosquito, we can fix lawn problems in Charlotte, Waxhaw, Weddington, Matthews, Pineville, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Gastonia, Mint Hill, and Pineville, North Carolina.